Since 1982, through our annual Scholarship Awards, we have provided financial support to hundreds of young people from northeast Louisiana. Continuing in Reverend Scott's legacy the Fund has been at the forefront of supporting education and access to education for over 30 years.

Reverend John H. Scott

Reverend John H. Scott was a minister and civil rights activist who was devoted to improving the quality of life for his people.  He used his positions as pastor, president of the East Carroll Parish NAACP and president of the Baptist Association to help Black people find a measure of justice in their efforts to meet their physical, social, spiritual, legal and financial needs.  He doggedly pursued the right to vote for over fifteen years, finally reaching his goal in 1962. 

He served the northeast Louisiana community during perilous times.  His struggle is chronicled in his book (along with daughter, Cleo Scott Brown) Witness to the Truth (University of South Carolina Press).  A copy may be obtained through the Fund or from bookstores.

History is of little value unless it inspires one to greater endeavors, or serves to guide against the mistakes of the past
— John H. Scott, Witness to the Truth

The John H. Scott Memorial Scholarships and Awards

The John H. Scott Memorial Scholarship was established in 1981. Since that time, the Scholarship has served as the major and most visible project sponsored by the Fund. The scholarship awards have been given out every year since 1982, progressing from two to eight students supported each year.

Two scholarships, one in the amount of $3500 and the other in the amount of $2500, are available to students who are candidates for graduation at a public high school in Richland, Tensas, Madison, West or East Carroll Parish, Louisiana.  Applications can be obtained from the public schools in the above parishes, from the JHS Fund, or from the JHS Fund's website.  The application deadline is April 5. 

Also, we encourage you to nominate exceptional individuals for one of our four Memorial Awards given every year at our annual scholarship program.  Our Memorial Awards seek to pay tribute to the legacy of some of our family members by recognizing others that exemplify their spirit.  Please click here to learn more about our Memorial Awards.