Are YOU a "Witness to the Truth"???

Did you read "Witness to the Truth"?  We want to hear from YOU.  The John H. Scott Memorial Fund is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of "Witness to the Truth", and we are asking for your stories, memories, and comments about the impact of "Witness to the Truth".    

Please share your comments, thoughts, stories, and memories on any or all of these topics:

  • How did "Witness to the Truth" impact you?
  • What was your favorite part of "Witness to the Truth"?  What were your favorite words of wisdom?
  • What part of the story was surprising to you?
  • Did you have an opportunity to know Rev. John H. Scott?  If so, in what capacity and how did he impact you, your family, and/or your community?
  • What are your memories of gaining the right to vote or voting for the first time?
  • If you are over 55, share your memories of what it was like growing up under the Jim Crow system of segregation.

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*The John H. Scott Memorial Fund reserves the right to use your comments/stories on the John H. Scott Memorial Fund, author Cleo Scott Brown's website, and any promotional material created by the John H. Scott Memorial Fund*

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