2015 Reverend John H. Scott Memorial Fund Newsletter

Dear Scott Fund Supporter:


Thank you for your support of another great year for the JHS Fund! 

As we reach out to you during our annual giving campaign, I wanted to introduce myself to you as the new President of the Memorial Fund.

In my new role, I am eager to continue the dedicated work my family began over thirty years ago to preserve the legacy of my grandfather. We are committed to improving the lives of young people by helping provide access to higher education through scholarship awards and to assist with community improvement projects.  I have set big goals for the coming year, but we need your help to make it happen.

We hope that you will continue to support the work of the Fund by making a generous donation during this our annual campaign. Imagine the transformation you can make in the life of a student simply by giving a donation. Their lives are full of promise and possibilities and you can play a major role in their future. 

We also invite you to join us at our scholarship awards program which is always held the first Saturday in May in Tallulah, LA. This inspirational program features a keynote speaker, presentations of original essays by our student applicants, and other inspiring activities. If you are, or can be, in the area on that Saturday, please join us and meet the young people your dollars help to support. 

Again, thank you for your generosity and support.


Jewel Scott Jones

President, John H. Scott Memorial Fund

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2014 Reverend John H. Scott Memorial Fund Newsletter

Dear Scott Fund Supporter:

Generous gifts from friends and supporters like you have enabled the John H. Scott Memorial Fund to award scholarships to deserving students in the northeast section of Louisiana for the past 33 years.  With your support, we continue to be able to provide financial support for eight students at various stages of their college education.

As state funding for higher education decreases, more private funds are needed to fill the void.  Your contributions allow us to play a small, but significant role in filling the void.

We are continually amazed at the quality of our applicants, but at the same time we are saddened that we cannot support them all.  With your support, we have increased the number and amount of scholarship support given by the Fund.  We hope that you will be able to increase your giving as we seek to increase the number and size of our awards.

Attached is our yearly newsletter so you can read about how your contributions are spent.  You can also learn more about the recipients of both our scholarships and our special awards.  

We hope you will include the Memorial Fund in your 2014 year-end giving.

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Reverend Scott Memorial Fund Sponsors Annual Scholarship Program

The Rev. John H. Scott Memorial Fund will host its annual scholarship program at the Old Tallulah High School Cafeteria, 600 Bayou Drive, Tallulah, Louisiana on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Two graduating high school seniors will be presented scholarships. The event is free and open to the public.

Based upon criteria set by the Fund, scholarship recipients will be selected from this year’s applicants: Madison Parish – Agape Skinner; Richland Parish - Kimberly Jansky, Danielle Porter, Constance Gray, LaDiedra Hardman, and Shatikawa Griffin; West Carroll Parish - Deanna Drungo; East Carroll Parish - KaDeidra Hootsell and Forrest Middlebrook.  

An inspirational program will feature a presentation of original essays by the applicants and a keynote speaker.  The keynote speaker will be Harriet Scott Pullen, youngest daughter of Rev. John H. Scott.  Ms. Pullen, who retired from the U.S. Postal Service, is active in the youth ministry at her church, North Highlands Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She is the author of the play, They've Waited too Long to Kill Me-I've Voted Now!" about the struggle for voting rights in East Carroll Parish. Children from her youth ministry performed the play at a Memorial Fund annual program and at several other venues.

Three awards will also be given during the program.  Ms. Jenee Boothe will be the recipient of the 2014 Alease J. Scott Memorial Award for outstanding community service in Baton Rouge. Her community outreach work includes mentoring middle and high school students, prison ministry, and breast cancer awareness.  Mr. Tyrome Taylor, the band director at General Trass High School in Lake Providence, will receive the 2014 Elder Tyrone Scott Memorial Award for using his creativity to make a positive difference in the lives of young people.  The Kendall Pullen Memorial Award will be given to Ms. Felicia Williams of Baton Rouge. Through her program, Chosen Generation Community Outreach, she provides a place for students to engage in structured summer activities, including spiritual guidance, cultural enrichment, outdoor activities, fitness and personal safety.

In addition to the program, author Cleo Scott Brown will be available to sign copies of "Witness to the Truth", a book about the life and work of Rev. John H. Scott. 

The John H. Scott Memorial Fund was founded in 1981 to preserve the legacy of Rev. John H. Scott, a minister and civil rights leader from Lake Providence, LA.  Each year, the Fund awards scholarships to high school students who live in one of five parishes located in northeast Louisiana. Attorney Louis G. Scott, youngest son of Rev. Scott, serves as president of the Fund.  Information about the John H. Scott Memorial Fund can be found at www.jhsfund.org, or on its Facebook page.

2013 Rev. John H. Scott Memorial Fund Newsletter

 To Our Supporters:

At the May scholarship program, we were struck with just how important your gifts are to our young applicants. The applicants, some with tears streaming down their faces, expressed to the audience how much they wanted a college education and how important this scholarship would be to them. The Memorial Fund primarily serves the children of northeast Louisiana, where again last year, East Carroll Parish ranked in the top 15 poorest counties/parishes in the United States and was featured on CNN last week in the story, "The Most Unequal Place in America"

What you do when you contribute has great value.  You change a young person’s outcome and the economic outcome of that student’s children and their children’s children. No gift is too small because, as our ancestors showed us when they put their nickels and dimes together and bought land and created schools, there is power when we work together.

Please take a minute to read our newsletter to update you on the work of the Fund and provide coverage of the big celebration in May where we honored the first 26 African Americans to vote in East Carroll Parish since Post-Reconstruction (80 years without the right to vote). (Story with pictures of 1st voters here.) We hope that you will choose to continue your support by making a 2013 donation and letting others know about us.  

If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to contact the fund via email at jhsfund@gmail.com. We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season, and we sincerely appreciate your support.

Cleo Scott Brown, Fundraising Chairperson

Louis G. Scott, President



Are YOU a "Witness to the Truth"???

Did you read "Witness to the Truth"?  We want to hear from YOU.  The John H. Scott Memorial Fund is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of "Witness to the Truth", and we are asking for your stories, memories, and comments about the impact of "Witness to the Truth".    

Please share your comments, thoughts, stories, and memories on any or all of these topics:

  • How did "Witness to the Truth" impact you?
  • What was your favorite part of "Witness to the Truth"?  What were your favorite words of wisdom?
  • What part of the story was surprising to you?
  • Did you have an opportunity to know Rev. John H. Scott?  If so, in what capacity and how did he impact you, your family, and/or your community?
  • What are your memories of gaining the right to vote or voting for the first time?
  • If you are over 55, share your memories of what it was like growing up under the Jim Crow system of segregation.

Name *
Address *

*The John H. Scott Memorial Fund reserves the right to use your comments/stories on the John H. Scott Memorial Fund, author Cleo Scott Brown's website, and any promotional material created by the John H. Scott Memorial Fund*

Madison Technical Education Center Awarded Youth Services Grant

The Reverend John H. Scott Memorial Fund has awarded a $1000 grant to the Madison Technical Education Center for their Youth Leadership Development Academy.

The Academy of 20 students,  grades 5-12 will have a unique opportunity  to participate in an intensive five (5) month leadership development program culminating in the opportunity to host a parish-wide student leadership conference in May 20l3.

The leadership academy will include career counseling, expanded college guidance, and a leadership curriculum for the students.  Guest speakers/leaders, who are experts  in their fields, will present to the Academy, on topics such as listening skills, values, decisions-making, ethics, diversity, conflict management, appropriate risk taking, creative thinking, public speaking, and personal motivation.  The Madison Technical Education Center staff as well as community leaders will work with the students providing hands-on learning experiences through participation in community  activities.  

Mr. Kendrick Pullen, former Vice President of the Board of Directors and Grant Award Committee member had this to say regarding the awarding of the grant, "The Rev. John H. Scott Memorial Fund is very pleased to partner with Dr. Candler and the Madison Technical Education Center.  We look forward to not only monitoring the success of the program but also the development of those young people who have been selected to participate."  

2012 Scholarship Recipient Ms. Daisha Batiste

The Reverend John Scott Memorial Fund would like to recognize our 2012 Scholarship Recipient Ms. Daisha Batiste for achieving a 4.0 grade point average in her first semester of college!  We look forward to many more successful semesters from you Ms. Batiste!

Ms. Scott,

Hello ! This is Daisha Batiste e-mailing you my grades for this past semester. I am truly grateful and blessed for the opportunity I was granted from the Scott Memorial Foundation in order to fund most of my schooling. I am attending LSU in Shreveport , Louisiana with a major in Biology, which will be changed to Biochemistry soon. I was able, by the Grace of God , to survive my first semester. I thank God for the fruits of my labor and for all that He has done for me so far. I  am humbled by the awesome power of God and what He has done for me. Thanks are extended to you and your wonderful family for that Godsent foundation and for the morals instilled initially by Reverend Scott.I will continue to keep you updated on my progress and I hope to see you all in the future. 

God bless,

Daisha Batiste