Memorial Awards

These awards are intended to honor, encourage, and inspire...

- Each award carries a cash prize of three hundred dollars ($300.00). 

How to make the nomination

Anyone who knows the nominee well enough to make the nomination may do so.  This may include parents or other relatives, school personnel, church or community leaders, neighbors, classmates or others.  A person may not nominate him/herself.

A complete nomination includes name, address, telephone number (and email address if available) of both the person making the nomination and the nominee and a typewritten page (about 400-500 words) on why this person is especially qualified for the award.

Additional information.

There will be one recipient chosen for each award.  If there are no qualified nominees, the award will not be made.

Although recipients will be informed in advance, the awards will be publicly announced at the John H. Scott Memorial Fund annual program. 

To promote authenticity, recipients must be present at the program to receive the award.


Nominations that are mailed must be post marked by April 5 and sent to the address below.  You may also email nominations to

Ms. Johnita Scott,

Awards Committee Chair

Post Office Box 74901

Baton Rouge,LA70874